Daniel Wyatt

Multi-Platinum Award-winning Audio Engineer

Mixing and Mastering Course Designer and Instructor

About Daniel Wyatt

Daniel Wyatt began his career with a college band at Columbia University in 1985. Two years after graduating with honors, while at NYU Business School, he collaborated with Nicole Willis (Dee-Lite), and within a year, singed a lucrative major-label recording contract with the Lenny Waroneker, veteran president of Warner Brothers Records, with help of Gary Katz (Steely Dan) and Maurice Bernstein (Giant Step, NYC).
After producing and co-writing his first major label effort, Repercussion’s “Earth and Heaven”, which sold in excess of 200, 000 records world wide, including a number-one radio hit “Promise Me Nothing” in Japan, Daniel turned his energies toward establishing his own studio in the heart of New York City in 1990, and building up his engineering and producing catalog. Within one year of opening the doors, Daniel earned himself and his partners their first platinum record, this time from A&M recording artist Blues Traveler’s “Live from the Fall” double CD. Daniel was the primary Protools engineer and post-producer for the album.
Many productions ensued during the mid-nineties at his studio in midtown Manhattan, including such artists as Curtis Mayfield, Mos Def, Doctor John, N’dea Davenport, Sugar Ray, Olu Dara, and the Roots.

In late 1998, Daniel was among the first engineer/producers to record Norah Jones, in their collaboration “Angels”, which was released on Atlantic Records, under the name Wax Poetic. During the late nineties, Daniel expanded his music entrepreneurial efforts music licensing for film and television, landing major placements in all media, while developing key relationships in Hollywood — with the help of Barry Cole (Blue Mountain Publishing/Clear Songs) and Dave Hnatiuk (MTV/Autonatik)

In 2000, Daniel Wyatt co-founded Sonica Media Group, a boutique company dedicated to artist development and representation, including all facets of production and publishing. In it’s five years of operation, SMG has deepened its contacts within the media industry, developing a client list that ranges from Ultra Records to Rawkus Records to Newline Pictures to NASA.

In addition, Daniel was head of A&R for Recon/Artemis records for 2002-2004, creating masters with Old Dirty Bastard (Def Jam) and Elephant Man (VP/Atlantic), in addition to being the executive music producer for emmy-nominated “Word Wars” (Discovery/Times), that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.
Daniel was senior instructor and course designer for SAE New York and Dubspot, where he was chairman of the department and developed the curriculum for both the physical and online schools.

In addition to his work in music education, Daniel also served as Vice President of Music and Entertainment for GMR marketing, one of the world’s largest global marketing companies. In 2011, Daniel co-founded and launched Players Media Group, a boutique multi-media company dedicated to the sonic branding of the individual athlete.

Currently, Daniel is founder and senior engineer of wyattmixmaster.com, which provides online mixing and mastering services world-wide — creating commercial masters for Beatport, Spotify, and Apple music.

In the fall of 2015, Daniel launched his new Mixing and Mastering Online School – the MixMasterWyatt Academy which is a boutique online school dedicated to mixing and mastering and audio production.

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